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Readers and Users Can:

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The Website is Restricted to:

The website may be restricted to specific jurisdictions. PA Punter is solely dedicated to the State of Pennsylvania and the needs of gamers in the State of Pennsylvania. The website has no obligation to render its offer access to any other states or jurisdictions. Should the website be inaccessible in other jurisdictions, this is not up to the website. 

No Warranties 

The website does not warrant that all the information that appears on the website is truthful or accurate. While the website strives to provide readers with accurate and dependable descriptions and information, certain aspects of the information submitted on the website might be the result of personal interpretation.

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Limitations of Liability 

The website cannot be held liable for anything in relation to the contents of or use of or otherwise in connection with the website, and in the specific cases:

  • The special and consequential loss whether it’s direct or indirect;
  • For any business losses or loss of income venue, savings or anything else of value;
  • For loss of business relationships, reputation or goodwill or anything else, whether that is information or data

Are the Set Criteria Reasonable?

We believe that the criteria set on this website are reasonable, and as such, you must agree to their being reasonable as well. If you do not think these terms are reasonable, you must exit the website and not continue using it. 

Breaching the Terms

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