PA Punter – Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to the website. The privacy statement explains how your personal information is stored and protected by the website. Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and they may be amended and corrected at the behest of the website.

In case such corrections are made, you would need to visit the page again and look for when the last update has been applied. This privacy policy will explain in detail how your information is stored, processed, and used.

What Do We Do with Your Data?

There are several reasons why we collect and need your personal data. We specifically look for the following data:

  • Information about how you use the website;
  • Specific information that pertains to your browsing habits;
  • Any information that you provide us voluntarily for the purposes of marketing opportunities.

How Do We Use This Information?

There are several specific uses that we need your information for. They are all related to offering an improved experience for all parties involved. We specifically need your information for the purposes of:

  • Running the website;
  • Offering a more personal look for you;
  • Allow access to certain features of the website;
  • Publish targeted and helpful information on the website;
  • Supply the service or information that you need;
  • Send marketing communications if you agree to receive such.

There are specific elements of your personal information that we will collect automatically, as that’s a standard web practice. Those elements include your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP), Operating System, and the browser you use to visit the website.

This information is necessary to help the website assess your habits as an Internet user and tailor the experience in a way that feels familiar, convenient and helps you find the features that you are genuinely interested in.

Securing Your Data as Priority

The website meets all the necessary standards to ensure the safety of your personal information. That includes the use of SSL encryption technology as well as the introduction of solutions that allow for alleviating DDoS attacks or breaches of information. 

The website stores your information in compliance with all modern security protocols that use dedicated servers for the content found on the website and commits to protecting your data. However, if, despite the website’s best efforts, your information is breached or leaked, the website is indemnified and shall not be liable for any such breaches. 

Cross-state Transfers

The website complies with the US and Pennsylvanian law. As such, the website will ensure that your information is treated in a way that complies with the current legislation that is active in the State of Pennsylvania and any pertinent US federal law so long as one doesn’t trump the other. 

Third-Party Services 

To improve the quality of the site, the website allows third-party services to collect relevant information that fine-tunes the browsing experience and allows the website to collect data about how people who browse the website behave.

This information is technical in nature and will relate to your general use of the website in terms of average time spent, your engagement with specific pieces of content, your clicks and actions per minute, and other relevant statistics that allow webmasters to issue recommendations for improving the overall offer of the website. 

The third-party services we use may or may not be limited to analytics tools. We most commonly use addons and Google authorized tools, such as AdWords, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Clicky, Mangools Tools, and more. The number of tools sets the website includes stretches further, but the website makes sure that all of these third-party programs are necessary for the proper functioning of the offer.

However, please be informed that those third-parties are the sole responsible for the way they use your data once it has been collected by the website. If you do not wish to proceed and use the website under these conditions, please stop immediately. If you want to make sure there is no personal information of yours left, please send us a message so we may completely remove all your pertinent information.


The website uses cookies to tailor the browsing experience. Those cookies are stored by web browsers, and they serve as a “memory map” of your preferred website preferences. All website cookies are there to provide both the website and you with a mutually beneficial experience. 

Should you wish to delete all cookies, you must set your browser to refuse all cookies by default. In other words, you must find the pertinent settings depending on the browser you use. Since you already have cookies from the website for simply visiting this page, please consider wiping your cookies from the browser first and then set the setting. 

Age of Consent

This website is intended for individuals who are at least 21 of age. If you do not meet this criterion, please close the website immediately.